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For electric trolling motors do I need to hook any thing else besides hooking the trolling motor to the battery? That water is moving incredibly fast! Onboard chargers are fast, convenient and are the most popular type of charger used. If you are going to carry the extra battery. In the picture above, dating online a wire would be run from negative terminal of the second battery on the right to the positive terminal of the third battery.

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Surfer, I try to keep it simple. If the extension is shorter than six feet, you can use eight-gauge wire without a problem. Positive to neg, In a loop going to the motor. This will cause a voltage drop. Most high-powered trolling motors in the seventy to one hundred pound thrust range are twenty-four volt or thirty-six volt motors, and require two or three batteries to operate.

If corrosion has built up inside the wires this will also cause high resistance causing excessive heat build up. Now lets fast forward to the end of your toughest fishing day. The three battery setup should work with out a hitch. There are two ways to keep your batteries healthy throughout the off-season. The battery does get charged at night after a fishing.

Trolling Motor Wiring Overview
Battery Types

24 volt battery battery connections

Using a trolling motor with a built-in battery meter, or purchasing an external one is a great way to keep tabs on how much power you have left. What do i need for the hook up to a battery? Just hook up your batteries like this.

24 Volt Battery

Once such technology is Digital Maximizer from Minn Kota, which claims to extend battery run time up to five times that of a standard motor in certain situations. These batteries are built using a glass plate and a gel like substance vs. Paste as plain text instead. How are motors with multiple batteries wired? If you drain the batteries to much with the trolling motor you may not be able to start your outboard.

You many never need all the upper end power offered, but you'll be able to spend more time on the water trolling at slower speeds compared to a standard twelve-volt motor. Checked the breaker fuse and it's good, tested the wiring with a volt meter couldn't find anything. Listed below is a rough estimation of how long various amperage rating chargers will take to fully charge a near empty twelve-volt battery. This article covers the most common electrical issues and questions that arise when choosing and installing a trolling motor.

While a bit misleading, motorhome dating sites there is some truth in the efficiency claims of larger motors. You are already frustrated by the winds and lack of fish. View Most Popular Boating. There is no other ground other than the engine block or negative buss at the helm.

Battery Life and Ratings

Battery Life and Ratings

My main concern is I just always want to be able to turn the key and go. There are reasonably priced circuit breakers available. You should be good with just a set of jumper cables.

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The second way is to re-charge your battery approximately every four weeks. The second battery is needed to provide more voltage and power for the larger motor, but doesn't extend the run time. Just some things to consider. If you have a smaller boat and don't have room to permanently install a charger onboard, a portable charger is your best bet. What type of battery to buy?

You may have heard that twenty-four volt and thirty-six volt motors offer better battery life compared to single twelve-volt motors, a statement which can be a bit misleading. The only thing you need to know is failing to do so presents a very good chance for an improper ground to destroy your electrics. Depending on your charger and the size of your batteries, it may require hours of engine run time to achieve a full charge.

  1. That gets heavy and expensive though.
  2. After returning from a longer day on the water, you'll want to recharge your batteries so they're ready for the next outing.
  3. For most motors, a sixty-amp circuit breaker should offer upside protection without tripping at normal operating speeds.
  4. If you regularly fish in bad weather or strong currents, you'll need to account for that in your battery life calculations and planning.
  5. When it comes to chargers, there are three basic types you can pick from.
  6. Mark Channels Read Calendar.

This will work fine while all three batteries are charged. You may now be stranded unless you can rewire all three batteries from series to parallel while on the water. Minn Kota wil tell you not to have the big motor on the same batteries as the trolling motor. More Print this page Share this page.

Or carry a jump start box. There are some really beautiful areas up here. You can't post answers that contain an email address. If I had both connected to one battery, then I would definitely use an inline fuse. Use tinned copper marine grade wire that is multi stranded.

That would be good news for me. Please enter a valid email address. Thank you again Silvertip. Worst case scenario is that I have to pop the cowling and rope start off the flywheel. Those serious about battery maintenance can purchase a battery tender, a device that continually puts a very small charge into a battery.

Just remember only the center battery will get charged from the outboard charger. It is most likely better to isolate the two systems to prevent this scenario. If you just let it sit until you need it. The pedal got harder to turn left and the motor turns left a lot slower now.

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To achieve the speed you want, you have to go faster than you really need and, subsequently, use more power than you otherwise would with a variable speed motor. It will also reduce the chances of running out of trolling power miles from shore! If the bilge pump runs very often fix the leak in your boat.

How many hours of trolling time does a specific motor offer? There are a few things you can do to get the most out of your battery. No that is not what I am saying. Doing this regularly will almost certainly shorten your battery life. He may have an issue with the trolling motor causing interference with a depth finder when it runs.

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24 and volt Wiring Diagrams
Marine Battery Wiring 101

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The livewell timer is a good power saving device. There are a few remaining wiring and electrical issues that should be noted. Your trim pump runs so seldom it is not an issue. You'll want to make sure your circuit breaker is rated just above the maximum amperage drawn by your motor at max speed. Whether or not the technology delivers a full five hundred percent improvement in battery life, online technologies such as these are a great way to get more run time out of your battery.

How to Connect a Trolling Motor to a Battery
  • Battery experts say that deep cycle marine batteries should go no more than four weeks without being charged.
  • Transom and bow mount should be the same?
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