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  1. Loading is grs blk pwdr behind the gr patched bullet.
  2. Dating Winchester Boxes I am a new member and have a question regarding the dates of manufacture of the following Winchester ammunition.
  3. Has a couple rubs but remains a rare and displayable, solid box with good color!
  4. Further, the cartridges in this box are exceptionally clean with original patina, not cleaned or polished.

Box is tight in all respects and all labels present. Occasionally I'm either forced to use, want to use, or experiment with older cases. Now that I've seen a example of the Winclean ammo, mine is not.

Similar Ruger Forum Discussions. Integrity of the box is good and, in spite of the label scuffing, the label text is fully readable. Very rare blue blue-green? Red end labels and green back sealing label are all there tho the box is not sealed.

  • Any boxes of cartridges listed here will be full and factory loaded cartridges unless indicated otherwise.
  • Still, a very displayable box for an s gun.
  • These were probably part of two million.
  • The only visible flaw scratch can be seen on the lower black line in the top photo.

Both Sunbursts are scuffed but obvious as to their call-outs. Box shows modest wear and bottom ends are separated as is typical for these taped construction boxes carrying heavy ctdgs. The most potent of all the Winchester proprietary calibers, this box contains the gr Full Metal Case loading. It is full and in excellent condition. Both are indications of the earliest Super-X labeling.

This is a full box of Federal Cartridge Corporation Lightning. The lot number will have a letter-letter-number or letter-letter-number-number series that indicated the date. The box obviously shows some wear and one bottom end-edge is separated, common with these early taped construction boxes.


Winchester Ammunition

Solid box with all orig ctdgs. From Omaha, the crate was shipped to Lt. This one, however, is not as bright, has apparently had the price erased, and shows more edge wear. Shows none of the typical end separations at bottom. Ainsworth, pei dating appears on the inspection reports that were made for these revolvers after their delivery to the armory.

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Dating winchester ammunition boxes

Labeling/dating ammo boxes

Home of the Old Ammo Guy's Virtual Cartridge Trading Table Offering a wide range of antique, obsolete, and modern ammunition and related items for collectors. The most recent Western box I have is from altho the last Winchester-Western catalogs in show white ammunition boxes of this style with Winchester-Western over a red X. As for how long reloaded ammunition will last? Most of these boxes are still sealed and those that are not have had their labels split due to rough handling. Full five round wood boxes of.

That said, it is not uncommon to find labels on Winchester boxes from any era that are mixed especially when label changes occurred so rapidly as they with this caliber in the period. No flap or seam problems, all orig ctdgs. This box is especially desirable as it is an early one pre as evidenced by its lack of end labels. Though missing a small part of the lower left end label, this box is exceptionally solid with no seam splits or other problems.

This is the heaviest commercially loaded bullet in this caliber of which I am aware. Call for more details or pix if interested. As you can see, the box is quite plain and lacks the Winchester brand name on top. This box was made after the change, and is full and in excellent condition. Having access to more brass than I could ever use, I choose recently manufactured cases, of whatever caliber, for my general reloading.

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Dating remington ammunition boxes

These will usually be singles, but I will indicate if I have more than one if that is the case. This double-wall, string-pull box is thought to be the earliest Gov't contract Smokeless box. Later Smkls box that, while no longer sealed, belgaum dating sites is as close to mint as you can find. Add another collectible box to the list.

Box still has the original interior paper wrapped in serpentine fashion around the ctdgs. The fact that the original top was still with the crate would support the likelihood that it was still screwed in place when found by the previous owner. Send a private message to fidelity.

Winchester Ammunition

Rarely encountered labeling! This box format was introduced about when Olin Corporation combined the Winchester and Western brands to the single name Winchester-Western. Major Edie had been a member of the military board which selected the Springfield trapdoor rifle for adoption by the Army. The highly sought Double Train box from the earlys. Tight seams all around, dating senior most unusual in that condition.

One opened box was also found with the crate, revealing the cartridges also to be in excellent condition. No cases or tray, but presume tray was styrofoam. What ammo storage boxes do you use? Some time later, the top was re-painted gray, and addressed in black stenciled lettering for shipment to the Adjutant of the Virginia State Militia, in Richmond. No splits or even weak spots, no repairs, just like the factory shipped it.

Very hard to find box, cheap! The stenciling on the wood crate shows that it was initially sent to Major John R. This caliber getting very difficult to find! Great box full of beautiful, original paper-patched ctdgs. She doesn't grab the small ones, nor the big ones, just the medium ones and she's in business.

The box is dark, but not as dark as the scan shows! Those that are not have had their seals broken where they pass across the edge of the top flap due to mishandling. There are no other labels on this box, typical of this early style labeling. Ammo shelf life can outlast a human's.

Members List Social Groups Calendar. Find More Posts by foxfirerodandgun. Boxes and ammo were made by Remington. Cartridges and box are in excellent condition.

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The seams are all tight, unusual for these s taped-construction boxes. Middle pic shows front lbl and the lower pic shows the Frazier's patent callout label on the bottom. Worked like a champ and allowed me to rotate my stock consistently. All such boxes are scarce and desirable. That statement applies to the entire run of this rare caliber.

Yes, it's partial and the labels are dark, but you'd have to be extremely lucky to find another! Perhaps the most popular of the Grizzly boxes is this colorful early s offering. Solid box, with no splits or repairs.

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