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This table has been expanded and is available as part of this site's Sturmey-Archer Hub Page. The axle slot in the front fork end is keyhole shaped. The company had been taking steps to make it harder for makers of cheap bicycles to copy Raleigh parts.

Nevertheless, there are an awful lot of them still on the road, because they were built to last, and they still come in for repair. Usually they want me to identify it so they can sell it on ebay. The steel Dunlop Special Lightweight rims used on the better club bicycles could give the aluminum rims of the day a run for their money. The axle nut had a shoulder which fitted through the axle washer and into the round part of the axle slot. This is the more common arrangement.

Later hubs have a shoulder on the cone which fits into the round part of the axle slot, and it is necessary to spread the fork blades a bit to get the wheel in or out. Maurice Selbach is believed to have been the first British manufacturer to have used it in see extract from his catalogue, below. The Humber is a major English river.

The bankruptcy finding meant they were bought in the mother's name and sold to the sons even though she had also been made bankrupt. This should get a drop of oil from time to time. The other cone is round, with no place for a wrench. Instead, they have soldered lugs at both ends.

They have a lot of old bikes out there and I would like to see some of them go out to loving homes to be ridden again. Unlike with Shimano sidepulls, there is no separate locknut, so the same nut that holds the caliper to the bike acts as a locknut. In the same year, online dating groupon mudguards received a forward extension.

Hercules Cycle and Motor Co

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Instead, they have one cone with wrench flats, the adjustable cone. Production outgrew the site and bikes were packed on the pavement. Within a few months, production had doubled and the company moved to larger premises in Conybere Street, Highgate. Forums Main Vintage Lightweight Bicycles. Its racing bike had steel handlebars when alloy was the fashion.

The name Hercules was chosen for its associations of durability and robustness. The last bicycles with the Hercules name were produced by Raleigh factory in Nottingham. Production continued and by the end of the thirties, Hercules had produced more than six million bicycles, and could claim to be the biggest manufacturer of cycles in the world.

Accessories Bicycles Parts Specials Tools. Sometimes the date sold does not reflect when a bicycle was actually manufactured for example, Dursley Pedersens were very expensive, badly marketed and often took a long time to sell. You can see it at the new Triumph Bicycle Museum.

Hercules Cycle and Motor Co - Graces Guide

Vintage motorcycle tyres are logical, those for cycles are not. Raleigh front hubs usually don't have cone locknuts. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. This page formerly contained a table listing some different Sturmey-Archer hub models.

Older hubs came with special axle nuts and washers. Management of the British Cycle Corporation was handed to the Raleigh management, as that company with its greater domestic focus, highlands was larger and better known. Good luck finding replacements today.

Hercules Bikes Serial Numbers

This ad disappears when logged in. From Wikipedia, best dating the free encyclopedia. This site was named Manor Mills.

Old Hercules information


The answer, in short, is that I do not have time to tell you either. This has a different bead-seat diameter I. The bicycle provided unprecedented individual mobility to the British working class. They even have an old lotus grand prix road bike out there that was used as a police bike. Many of the workers were from Hercules factories.

The spring block has a shoulder that is made to be just the right length so that the caliper arms can move freely. Many did not use chronoligical sequences. Insomnia is my saving grace, otherwise there would be no time for any of this. The spring block has a plain, un-threaded hole, dating with no friends so tightening it with the screwdriver end is the same as tightening the nut that holds the caliper to the bike. This is used differently depending on the brand.

Hercules Bikes Serial Numbers

Similarly, to learn about vintage bicycles, we ask questions of our elders in the hobby. He had held many records and rode for Britain in the Olympic Games. The workers who built these bicycles rode the same kind of bicycles to work. They were named for the fact that they were the style of bicycle popular with members of the many active cycling clubs.

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  • You may be lucky, but more than likely it will remain a mystery.
  • On the left side, the axle nut will keep the left cone from loosening up.
  • Look on your Sturmey Archer hub, you will see a two digit number, that number is the year the hub was built and if the hub is original to the bike you'll know the year.
  • My email is embedded in the picture below.
  • These bikes are actually very easy to work on, but you do need to know a few of their quirks.

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Hercules Cycle and Motor Company

In addition to its role as a utility transport vehicle, the sports bicycle was also extensively used for touring and cycle-camping, on both sides of the Atlantic. Identifying an unknown bicycle is hard work. This happened in particular in the s when frame styles changed every few years. Catalogues were generally printed the year before the season indicated in a catalogue.

Old Hercules information

  1. That is not because they were built to be cheap, but because they were built to endure extremely rough usage and neglect.
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  3. Humber was also an automobile manufacturer, but I believe the bicycle division was spun off early in the century.

1. Bicycle Frame / Serial No Dating

Conveniently, they also usually have the month and the last two digits of the year of manufacture stamped onto the shell. My hobby usually takes a backseat. Much as with Shimano sidepulls, turning the center bolt with a screwdriver adjusts the free play of the caliper arms. If you can help in any way by contributing to this research, please get in touch.

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