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The series was not in Peterson's catalogue. It shows intricate show stopping art, through the antique floral and leaf decoration. The shamrock, wolfhound and tower are not hallmarks. It is a very rare example of an art form, not normally associated with early Petersons and as such is a prime candidate for the Sandpiper Peterson Museum. This very unusual and special date mark has in recent years become very scarce, mainly because it was only used for that year.

Peterson uses three marks on some of their pipes that are not silver hallmarks but are rather another Peterson logo below. He considered that at the end of the day, a pipe is basically a consumer product and the consumer does like something new every so often. The most obvious characteristic is the magnificent silver fretwork which encases the briar bowl. So as is my wont, I set out to acquire a couple.

Rising pipe tobacco sales suggest that pipe-smoking is making an unlikely comeback. Yes you heard right I smoked it! Apparently nickel was scarce in those days, moving dating into just after the war and the company tried to use aluminium instead.

A Peterson Dating Guide A Rule of Thumb

The metal ferrules on Peterson clay pipes during the Patent Era are angular while their clay pipes of World War Two will have the bend shape as do most of the Peterson pipes from then until now. The following lists and groupings are hopefully an easier and more practical method, making it much simpler to come to terms with the huge array of Peterson's modern pipes. Jim Lilley probably has one of the largest collections of Kapp and Peterson pipes that we know of.

This modest increase is credited by many to retro-loving students. The years of these changes in the metal ferrule shape are, we are sure, lost to the ages. Of course these varying diameters have smooth transitions. The Peterson System pipes are the standard bearers of the Peterson pipe family, free new dating site famous for the excellent smoking pleasure they provide.

Dating Peterson Pipes a Guide

At some time around Fredrick moved to Dublin. For instance, the series are all shapes used during the Patent Era and we believe Peterson started using this number system when the original patent expired. All System Standard Petes have nickle bands. This extension on the earlier pipes will be of brass and the newer pipes will be of aluminium. The first floor is currently the main pipe display area and is breathtaking for Pete nuts such as I.

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How long and in what years Peterson made these clays is not known but as stated above two shapes were offered in their catalogue. The same year date as the origin of Kapp and Peterson. So for a guide we must take into consideration the style of lettering Peterson used on their pipes. These were smaller bowled pipes at around two thirds the size of the originals and replicated those shapes. From my humble observations the Patent stamping on pipes from that time, were more apparent and attributable with some degree of accuracy.

The pipes are so large that you'll want to smoke them at home, settled into a comfortable chair for a very long session with a good book! Like all collecting desirables, pre-republic pipes are now relatively hard to come by, with availability declining with each passing year. Peterson Cherry Wood pipes were offered with or without a meerschaum lining. They epitomize my ideal pipe, both in looks and functionality. The British sovereign, as King of Ireland, was nominal head of state, but Ireland was a republic in all but name.

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So few, in fact, that many people don't even know they exist! However, these commemorative pipes generally have a silver band with hallmarks so one can date these pipes by the hallmark. The stems are well drilled and aligned. This was only for pipes issued and sold from Shannon airport and was not the same as the present day Shannon series.

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Reclaiming old and worn estate pipes

As one can see this is pretty straightforward but there have been inconsistencies within this method of stamping. Mike directed me to this article of his on Pipelore. Though there are a couple of more, animal jam dating the above will give one the general idea.

The Deluxes are all excellent smokers. This later production of clay pipes ended with the closing of Peterson's London Shop in the late s or early s. Including the Meerschaum version of the seven day sets. Taking inspiration from Celtic art, stretching back over years.

Peterson of Dublin - Traditional Pipe & Tobacco Manufacturers

So for the purpose of this dating guide, we will study Irish history, relevant to our pipe dating needs, from s until now. As with everything pertaining to the dating of Peterson pipes, this method can only give us a hint to the age of the pipe but it is better than nothing at all. Well, this is a very short dating guide and we hope that you will be able to date more accurately your favourite Peterson with this information.

Both briar and Meers can be purchased etheir as individual pipes or complete seven day sets and stands. For what it is worth, I reckon the Deluxes are probably the best value range of pipes that Peterson produce, both in terms of functionality and value. It will have a relatively small draft hole entrance at the extension which will open out rapidly and then closes back down near the bit. The pipes have great hand feel and the thick walls prevent them getting to hot to hold.

Meerschaum 1892

This guide first appeared in pipelore. Peterson initially graded their mass -produced System pipes, i. However, someone with a larger number of Peterson pipes than we may be able to check the silver dates for more precise age boundaries. However in defence, my knowledge is based on years of ownership and experience of the myriad selection of pipes that Peterson have produced and are still producing. Finishes include terracotta and oak colours.

Ireland was a republic in all but name. The overall length of the mouthpiece ensures a pleasant cool smoke, particularly suitable for an evenings relaxation. Over the years I have found this to be a recurring problem for new entrants to the world of Peterson pipes. It became my go to piece when seeking information on Petersons. Would this fit the category of the early pipes that showed no country of origin?

Peterson historical pipes -- Pipes Logos & Markings

These pipes are amongst the most spectacular and aesthetically pleasing of the Peterson higher grade pipes. However I made an exception with this beauty and boy it was worth it. This practice stopped at the end of that decade when they started to have all silver bands hallmarked. Inevitably it is the old story of a lack of knowledge or ownership of the extensive and varied choices in the range of pipes presented by Peterson.

Particularly the Patents, Pre-Republics and original Mark Twain's, all of which command reasonably consistent, estate prices at auction. This achieves a uniquely even distribution of smoke and virtually eliminates any chance of tonguebite or bitterness. Peterson made clay pipes during the Patent Era with only two shapes being offered and depicted in their catalogue. Before we close this section on silver hallmarks, we must address the marks that many people refer to as hallmarks. An example of a repair to the damaged Patent Amber stem with a Silver lip protector.

  • The Deluxe in particular is a very handsome specimen.
  • At the end of the eighties just as the Sherlock Holmes range was being issued, Peterson reintroduced the modern Captain Pete series.
  • Each pipe is handmade and mounted with goldplated sterling silver bands.
  • All with sterling silver bands.

Peterson had been around for over years before he got involved so he decided to tread carefully before making any changes. Exactly one year later Fredrick's widow also died. They provide a good dry smoke. Occasionally I am amazed at the rare and unique Peterson pipes that surface.

The pipes are not what I would call stand out stunner's. How can a pipe insure that the tobacco being smoked will taste better in that one over another? It is an bent Patent Deluxe. James Joyce would have often walked by there. They are still required for silver and gold in Ireland.

Peterson 1895

  1. Is my sense of the history of this pipe reasonable or did I miss something important?
  2. However, there will not be too many of these missed stamped pipes.
  3. However, the Peterson pipes we have and have seen with silver dates of and generally do not have this fourth mark.
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